Interview with owner of "1 Australia" for "Business Communication Skills" subject / MPA at KOI done by 1 Australia’s one of the most prominent students Mr Ivan Botiuk.

   1. How does you company 1 Australia establish interpersonal communication?

We build trust and strong relationships with key stakeholders in a business. They are students, the agent, a migration agent who is an ex-KOI student and administrative and academic staff of KOI. Interpersonal communication means connecting on more than business level, but a personal level as well which can be seen by Alexander Petrov's "cordial relationships" with people of KOI at informal level.

   2. What is about What is about

I intensively communicate with my students and other stakeholders who may have different opinions, knowledge and experience. We together in the education process put aside personal differences and working toward a common goal which is usually my students' career, academic and life achievements. We succeed because we combine efforts with common "vector" and together we can do more than any individual. Also, we have a synergistic approach to the business including KOI's interest as an education provider.

   3. Do you possess strong presentation skills?

Surely, yes. 1 Australia presents information and "know how" to the prospective students and all stakeholders in a way that is engaging, purposeful and extremely efficient. I use my personal abilities and skills of my students and all other stakeholders on social networks including YouTube channel and Instagram to deliver the message to my prospective students and all my business partners and even my competitors. We have to be good "preachers, coaches, "bros" and even storytellers, using information and examples to influence an audience to act toward a desired goal.

   4. Can you tell me more about your negotiation skills?

According to my knowledge, personal believes and corporate ethics, I always try to reach "win-win" solution of any problem by understanding and leveraging the other side’s expectations and goals. "Putting yourself into someone's shoes" is the best practice and way to achieve the desired goal. We know that only win-Hwin-win solution is acceptable when education institution, agent, overseas students and even Australian government authorities have a clash of interests during ESOS process.

   5. Finally, what would you say about your networking skills:

My agency gives everyone involved into the business "added value" of the agency. It is more beneficial for the stakeholders to be included into my business network rather then be my competitor or run business on their' own. I have a corporate safety net, so my students, education providers and government services can always rely on my professional experience, knowledge, "connections" and help. The students, providers, agents sometimes need urgent support and the network provides them it with.

Mr. Ivan Botiuk